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It Took A Long Long Time by George Albany
I became interested in hunting, shooting and fishing as a young boy. My Dad learned to shoot in the service and had an old Mossberg .22, but by the time I was born, he had given up on shooting. He never hunted and only did a little fishing as ...
I Wish I Could Walk the Fields with Them One More Time by George Albany
My Dad wasn't a hunter, nor was his Dad, or his Dad, and so forth. My mother's father, who grew up on a farm, hunted during the Depression to supplement the family food budget, but never hunted recreationally. So, I don't know where I got the ...

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Do you still have pigeons available? Where are you located?
by Guest - 4 days ago
No question but I’ll take every nickle steel 20 gauge under 500 you can come up with!!!!
by Guest - 6 days ago
Just in case anyone is monitoring this thread, I got the Crackshot to the 'smith. Verdict was it is a parts gun; so many things wrong with it that it wasn't worth fixing, if it could even ...
by George Albany - 6 days ago
Seems like I missed a few moronic comments in this thread. To the "guns are stupid" commenter, all I can say is look at history. How were the bad guys (and pick your bad guy of choice) ...
by George Albany - 1 week ago
I want 20-40 pigeons how much and where can I get them.? I like the barn pigeons for pets
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
This looks like an old post but if your still catching pigeons I’d be interested in talking to you. I can buy lots at a time
by Mul - 2 weeks ago
Wanted baby barn pigeons before they leave the nest eugene
by Eugene Sande - 3 weeks ago

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