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I have a remington 700 sendaro in 7mm stw cal. it is all factory no modifications. Me and a friend are reloading for this gun. My friend has a winchester model 70 laredo. The setting for his gun is different and the reloads will fit in his model 70, but are very tight on my 700. the bolt closes but does so hard and shines the base of the brass. i have not shot any of this ammo. was wondering what we can due to fix this. my buddy thinks its a headspace problem on my rifle. any help would be greatly helpful. thanx bigpunco

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Different rifles in the same chamber size can have different chamber sizes due to the case tolerance specifications, especially in belted magnums. I would only use fired cases which were shot in my rifle. These will fit in your chamber as they expanded to YOUR chamber when it was fired.
If you load cases from your buddy's rifle which probably has a slightly larger chamber, it will fit tight in your chamber unless you full length resize the case. Even then, if the case base below the belt stretches or elongates, this can NOT be corrected in full length resizing.

When reloading my belted cases, I normally resize the neck only. I run the case into the neck resizing die until THE resized case neck will just fit into the chamber and the bolt closes with just a very slight bit of resistance. After these cases are fired, they are fully expanded to MY rife chamber and AND I have changed the headspacing to the shoulder of the case. This will minimize the case splitting just above the belt and allow more reloads.

As the cases are reloaded several times, they will expand and begin to feel tight in the chamber. At this point, I full length resize the cases ONLY until they will fit in my chamber without interference. Then I will neck size and reload them as outline above.

I have been reloading belted magnum cases since l957.

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Have 2 model 700's, 7 mags (stw) and am unable to use reloads from 1 rifle to the next due to chambering when fired. Each rifle is different no matter if they are the exact same.

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This is absolutely a head-space issue. It would appear that either his rifle has excessive head-space, or yours is on the shallow side. I would head to the nearest head-space gauge and check them both out.

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