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I would like any/all information on hunting small game birds with a small bow and arrow

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I used to do this oh so many years ago. The key to success in wing-shooting with a bow and arrow is not so much equipment as training and prep. Depending on your age, sex, build, stature...everything has a determining factor. What is your present skill level in archery? Expert? Great...now forget everything you have learned to this point and get ready to start all over.

First, you need a recurve, or even a longbow that you can handle quickly and safely. Followed by cedar arrows fletched with what is known as 'FluFlu' fletching. Which is comprised of full bodied, uncut feathers. They quickly slow down in-flight arrow speed. Don't need to send your arrow into the next county, right?

45 to 50 pounds of draw weight at 28" draw length is a good starting point.You can, however, use whatever draw weight and length that works for you. Those are simply a reference point to begin with.

Next, you will need broad heads suitable for the task. I used Snaro Bird Point back then. They are available from the same supplier...http://www.archerywarehouse.com...They are just one example among many.

Other than that, practice, practice, then practice some more. A good method to practice with is by using a trap range. If one is available to you, an automatic clay pigeon launcher works well if no dedicated trap/skeet range is available to you.

Focus primarily on lead and most importantly, follow through. Just like in wing-shooting with a shotgun, proper follow through is extremely critical.Train your hand eye coordination to react instantaneously to quick rising birds. Don't focus on the bird itself, but where the bird is going to be when you reach full draw and anchor. This happens in a quick second. Train yourself to identify the flight path of rising birds, then follow with your eyes while raising your bow.

You should be able to keep your eye on the bird the whole time you are preparing for the shot. Let your mind expand and determine the flight-path, then follow through to where it is going to be...Then release smoothly all the while tracking the bird in your peripheral vision plane.Keep the bow swinging smoothly and consistently through the tracking curve until you reach the full extent of your ability to do so.

This is a basic introduction. You will, of course, develop your own technique, but nothing takes the place of experience...

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