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Missing the Warmth of Hunting by Gunman
I have not hunted in the last 3 years. Never thought that I would have reason to say that but, here I am. I miss it all. Not just the actual hunting but, everything leading up to it. In the late summer, there is the anticipation of the coming ...
22 or Shotgun? by Gunman
Many years ago, I met a man who would become one of my best friends. I called him as a real estate agent to sell my house. It turned out that, my house was once his! He had also been in the Marines and was a shooter & hunter. My wife said ...
A DREAM LOST by Gunman

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These turkeys love foraging for food and spend their night in low branches of trees because they can fly.
by Marra M - 20 hours ago
It is much faster than bolt action and somewhat faster as well in lever action.
by Marra M - 2 days ago
Rounded soft point bullet. This is use on low velocity calibers. I hope that you get to answer any of the questions that I posted. Best regards!
by Marra M - 2 days ago
Steel is less than dense than lead. Some view this as a disadvantage. Steel is harder than lead shot this is considered as an advantage. The velocity can increase without shot deformation ...
by Marra M - 2 days ago
It has sold more than 10 million. It has a simple pump action design and trustworthy especially for waterfowl hunters.
by Marra M - 6 days ago
I just upgraded my 16 yr old daughter to a Winchester Model 70 bolt action .270 WIN, that was a no brained, but I can't decide on which load I want to try on her 1st. Several buddies told ...
by CD11051972 - 1 week ago
I am going to have to find me a new load for my Browning x-bolt 7mm WSM. I owned a Remington 700 BDL .270 b4 that. I shot Winchester XP3 shells n both, now they discontinued it for the ...
by CD11051972 - 1 week ago

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