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Missing the Warmth of Hunting by Gunman
I have not hunted in the last 3 years. Never thought that I would have reason to say that but, here I am. I miss it all. Not just the actual hunting but, everything leading up to it. In the late summer, there is the anticipation of the coming ...
22 or Shotgun? by Gunman
Many years ago, I met a man who would become one of my best friends. I called him as a real estate agent to sell my house. It turned out that, my house was once his! He had also been in the Marines and was a shooter & hunter. My wife said ...
A DREAM LOST by Gunman

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These tiger specie can weigh up to 300 lbs. Scientists are trying to find ways to bring back this tiger to Central Asia.
by Marra M - 11 hours ago
What is the name of this vessel? The first name starts with Golden what it is?
by Marra M - 3 days ago
Your welcome, I would love to be part of this percentage.
by Marra M - 3 days ago
As you might have noticed we updated our pre-uploaded profile gallery with new and good looking images. You can see the new images on the
by admin - 6 days ago

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